Hey what's up, I'm Chidi

Iā€™m a Mobile and Fullstack Web Developer from Nigeria, thanks for taking the time to check out my articles. By writing down these thoughts and experiences i take steps to move from what i am to what i want to become.

Elixir Notes: My majestic entrance into Elixir's Phoenix framework

So I’ve been on elixir for about a month now and i’m liking it. Why Elixir though? Well i kept on stumbling on different articles saying functional programming is where it’s at now, so yeah, I’ve gotten into elixir out of sheer curiosity and boredom. Now to Phoenix, phoenix is the go to framework for building webapps on Elixir.…
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Create a simple and reusable alert component in Vue with Typescript

I’ve been working on my side Project fontkit(not ready yet) for sometime now and I’ve been putting off creating an alert component. The project is getting to a good enough place and i felt it would be time to create one. The Goals where simple Single Import Simple function to either display a success message or a failure message Getting started I won’t talk about installing vue typescript with the vue-cli , i’ll make the hopefully not too stupid assumption that if you’re here you already know how to do that.…
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Use Namecheap domain with EC2 instance with Route53.

I’ve been working on fontkit for a while now and i felt it’s time to get a domain name. I headed on over to namecheap to get a domain name and got fontkt.net, .com was $4,000 šŸ™„. I decided to use AWS for this, i haven’t used it before so now seemed to be a good time to get up to date.…
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Handling errors in Goroutines

While working on the server for my side project fontkit i wanted to retrieve data from the database concurrently. This seems like a trivial thing to do in go with goroutines but the problem was i needed to handle errors too. So this is what i came up with NOTE: parts of original code cut for brevity.…
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Reading Zack Schollz's hostyoself codebase

For the past few weeks I’ve been practicing my code reading. So during my search for a Github Repo which i may find interesting enough to read, i stumbled upon a post on Reddit promoting hostyoself. Hostyoself is a website which allows you to host flies from your machine online. I’m a web developer and i found this interesting as i had absolutely no idea how to implement something like this.…
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Concurrency for the layman

According to Wikipedia: Concurrency is the abililty of different parts of a program, algorithm or problem to be executed out-of-order or in partial order without affecting the final outcome. This can be easily confused with parallelism. Let me break it down further, in concurrency many tasks are handled not necessarily sequentially but not simultaneously.…
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