Just give it a try and keep an open mind. Stay curious.. (A Rant)

I’ve been doing web development for sometime now and I’ve enjoyed almost every second of it. If you’re a web developer then chances are that you’ve thought about getting some UI inspiration from somewhere for your front-end and if you don’t live under some rock then you’ve probably heard about Pinterest, Behance and Dribbble.

Be on the three aforementioned websites searching for web design inspiration and you’ll see hundreds of mobile UI designs. If you’re a fan of beautiful stuff like most people are then your body tingles and you think about creating some of that, slapping your name on it and beating your chest. But here comes the downside of it, creating android and IOS apps require programming languages… At least two languages for both of them, Java for android and Objective-C for IOS these days there’s more sugar with Kotlin and Swift.

I couldn’t start learning those languages, why? It’s simple i didn’t want to, why? I have a backlog of languages i want to learn for various reasons and some no reason at all, bragging rights i guess i don’t know and so I didn’t feel like slapping two more on the list. Luckily for me I was just fresh out learning React when i heard of React Native.

Truth be told, i wasn’t a fan of React, why? No reason to be honest, I never went to school or a bootcamp to learn to code so i don’t know a lot of fancy programming terms to tell like what computer scientists Dennis Ritchie or Rob Pike may say or even StackOverflow giants. I just simply didn’t like it, and should probably try it out again because in hindsight, I may have been daft then.

So i tried React Native, a framework that promises to deliver both android and IOS apps from a single codebase, I jumped on it and after two hours, I stopped and decided that my dreams of making mobile apps where going to chill a bit, at least until I learn Java or Kotlin.

Fast forward some months later I hear of Flutter, yeah yeah, a new framework for building android and IOS apps, I didn’t care. I had simply gotten tired of hearing of new tech stacks, i blame Javascript and its new framework every week. Few more weeks passed by and I decided to give it a try and I hated what i saw. Now understand I had no idea how to write dart code, just simply seeing the code made me never want to speak of it again.

Besides this though I decided to give it a try, watched some youtube videos on Dart and flutter and read the Docs and God was i amazed.. All of a sudden everything made sense and now writing this i feel like i should give react another chance since i’ve grown and mentality has changed, i just might, i don’t know.

So the moral of the story is this, don’t be put off by just looking at the code you don’t understand, I’m not the brightest programmer on earth but if you look at my HTML without knowing HTML you’ll go crazy.

Second have an open mind to new stuff so you’ll keep improving. Who knows if only i had been more open to receiving React i would have known it well by now and added another tool to my skill belt.

Third, READ THE BLOODY DOCS then look for some videos on youtube and after that get a good book on the subject.

Fourth, Don’t get comfortable, Be hungry.